DC Torches

DC plasma torches are devices which generate and maintain plasmas at temperatures above 10,000K.  They are used for applications such as:

  • Deposition of thermal spray coatings such as aluminum oxide, metals, etc.
  • Processing of materials such as nanopowders
  • Treatment of material surfaces
  • Destruction of hazardous wastes such as pesticides
  • Conversion of household waste into syngas for energy production

Ablazeon Torches

In Ablazeon's DC plasma torches, the plasma is generated by an electrical current passing through the gases flowing between a conical-shaped graphite cathode and a cylindrical anode. The use of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbon (e.g. CH4) gas mixtures has key advantages when compared with conventional argon and helium gases.  Thermal conductivity of the plasma is enhanced, leading to better process efficiency and heat transfer. In addition, carbon ionization generates an ionic current towards the graphite cathode, producing carbon deposition that compensates for the carbon cathode sublimation, thus resulting in longer cathode life. 


  • High input power up to 200kW
  • High thermal efficiency up to 75%
  • Long-lasting cathode
  • Control of redox potential of plasma jet
  • Low operating costs
  • Electromagnetic arc stabilization